Just pray

Rom. 8:26

As we try to pray and do so very imperfectly, as we struggle with words and groans, so, we are told, the Holy Spirit prays perfectly for us because he knows the mind and will of God perfectly (1 Cor. 2 also tells us this). But we must be praying, or trying to pray, for him to pray with and for us.

This is a great encouragement for us to pray though we do not know how – even the ‘great’ apostle Paul had to say this. It does not matter that we do not know how, what matters is that we try, we pray, we work hard in prayer because then the Holy Spirit comes alongside to help us and to make those perfect prayers for us. Amen to that!

The Bible does not so much ask us to wait for fresh strength to fall upon us as to realise the power that is already ours through the resurrection of Jesus or the Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead.

So the prayer at the end of Ephesians 1 asks that we may be given the Spirit of revelation and wisdom (not the Spirit of power directly) so that we may know God, know the hope to which he has called us and know his incomparably great power for us who believe. The Bible spends a lot of time and ink just telling us all we already have in Christ and urging us to live in the light of these rich resources. God’s words to Gideon in the Old Testament have a similar flavour: ‘Go in the strength you (already) have’. We don’t have to wait for a new feeling we just have to get on with obeying God.